Violin for Wellness

In-home butterfly play

If you visited my Home Page, you’ve read that Violin for Wellness is made up of three components. The newest of the three is this one, my In-Home Butterfly Play offering. Here is a little more description of what I can do for your family:

In-Home Butterfly Play was created to be a nurturing and nourishing way to learn about the world. Each program is individually tailored, as we are all unique. And, bringing the violin in the home means a more personal connection to the beauty and effectiveness of classical music for your child or adult. If you desire your child or adult to see, feel, and hear the sounds of a beautiful violin speaking directly to them, please Contact me. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to sharing my musical gifts with you and yours.

I’m very pleased to say that this idea came to me through a plea from a parent. She had heard about me through my work with a therapeutic riding center. As she is passionate about enriching her child’s development by non-conventional means, she loves the idea of bringing the violin into her daughter’s home world. She feels it is necessary to try all forms of learning and that, often, alternative approaches are very powerful. We are looking forward to our new journeys together.

In-Home Butterfly Play is a way to bring very high quality playing and musicianship into your home. Think of it as a little private concert. If you are familiar with the TV series “Little Einstein”, all that music your child hears and loves on the show I can play for him or her! As a performance specialist, my level of playing IS therapy. The expressions I can produce affect people deeply. Those with special needs are very drawn to the tone and strong rhythmic projection of my playing, and they react, becoming vibrant and curious about the world around them.

I offer you a magical hour where you can be free to participate, or you can get your dishes in the dishwasher, read a book, whatever you need to do for yourself. I can assure you that your child or adult is experiencing new energy and meaning as we play. They will show engagement through melody recognition or rhythmic songs or actions, and they will sing, listen, dance, and play.

This is not music therapy, rather therapeutic music in a non-conventional format delivered with a performance slant. The idea is to allow the child to respond however they like, without the constraints of an office or a formula. My approach is open-hearted, and I am willing to experiment with new ways to trigger responses that could mean personal development. I will encourage mimicking games — physical and oral — as the sound of the music can open a door to a new learning environment.

This is why: there is a set of neurons in the brain called mirror neurons. These little synapses fire in succession when the person is engaged as they try to imitate — or mirror — what they see, if they are able. Imitation is how we learn. If a child must touch to learn, vibrations and sound from the violin are the key to their development. Learning is the goal.

As each child or adult is an individual, they will let me know what path we can travel together, and together we will fashion a unique language while expanding our understanding of each other. This in turn helps each of us bring more to our own families, our communities, and enlarge our impact on the bigger world.

Are you convinced? Great! Let’s get started! I await your email and look forward to a very rewarding time for all. “The Violin Lady”