Violin for Wellness

New Idea: using a pool noodle to conduct “the orchestra”.
This works on rhythm, listening skills, and physio therapy: cross lateral movement and stretching, which relates to core strengthening and balance goals.

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Greek Visit and Interview Clip #3

Atha and Kleopatra, physical therapists from Greece, made the trek to Langley, BC, to meet with physiotherapist and hippotherapy guru Pippa Hodge and Carolyn Canfield, professional violinist and educator, where they witnessed hippotherapy and music in action together. Hear what they have to say.

A Bit Deeper Look

The violin has the organic ability to instantly infuse the client through vibrations and rhythm. These frequencies are immediately absorbed at a cellular level. As the brain and the heart receive the information, interruption of typical behavior patterns indicate the connection is made. When these patterns suddenly alter, an expectant and engaged client is suddenly present, and an engaged client means they are ready to respond to treatments more efficiently and with equanimity. Because the sunny and uplifting colors of the violin can trigger — or cue — this accessibility instantaneously, in that precise moment the therapist or instructor can ask for — or manipulate — a better outcome.