Violin for Wellness

Riding Instructors

“It was a real pleasure having you come & play Saturday morning. I found the experiment both educational & very enjoyable. Immediate benefits I observed were how focus & attention to tasks for some of the riders were clearly improved. There was also a noticeable improvement in two of the horses. I believe all of the riders enjoyed the experience, & I would love to try it with another group I have that’s more advanced. It was great fun experimenting, & I look forward to doing some more work with this. It’s actually been quite inspiring.”

How to Use the Violin in your Sessions

There are as many ways to use the violin in a therapeutic riding session as there are clients! Has your lesson plan stalled? Is progress not as noticable as you would wish? The biggest advantage you have with me being part of your client’s session, is that I can provide you a with a new tool in your toolkit.

Who Benefits? Clients that benefit tend to be those with autistic markers and Down’s Syndrome individuals, but many with ADHD and blindness are also greatly helped. I’ve also noticed those with fear of heights or a stumbling horse forget about those fears if I am playing the violin as they ride. I’ve noticed intense calming of those with Tourette’s Syndrome. Also, those with auditory impairment react exceptionally well to the live violin. I’ve also worked with someone with low socialization skills and self-esteem.

Hands Off the Saddle
Here is a video of a child learning to hold his hands up off the saddle. He and I played a game: when he dropped his hands back down to hold on or touch, I’d stop playing. Since he wanted me to play, he lifted his hands back up. Brilliant. Simple. We also were fostering self-esteem by giving him the controls.

"Add The Violin "

If you have a Dependent rider, the violin can get you started by providing focus to encourage the rider to work harder at a Walk/Halt concept. How does this work? The violin can stop without warning, causing the rider to use more core strength in preparation for the stop.

Add the violin to engage through singing, which encourages vocalization and projection. This video shows listening skills, memory challenge, engagement and enjoyment.

Add the violin to encourage focus, follow-through, listening, core strengthening, and balance. This video shows vocalization development, listening skills, and positive engagement.

Three Green and Speckled Frogs
Three Green and Speckled Frogs
Busy Little Bee