Violin for Wellness


Violin for Therapeutic Riding

Carolyn’s program Violin for Therapeutic Riding is the foundation for her Violin for Wellness program. This component specializes in bringing the violin voice into the therapeutic riding arena. As an added therapy tool, it brings to this community a powerful medium to enhance treatment systems.

The last decade has been an illuminating journey for Carolyn, from co-producing an orchestral concert with a local disabilities community and their stunning bell choir to weekly volunteering at a horse rescue ranch, and then on to a new setting: the therapeutic riding arena, as a side-walker/leader Volunteer. This is the backdrop to the creation of Violin for Wellness, and the beginning of Carolyn’s partnership with physiotherapist and hippo-therapy clinical specialist Pippa Hodge. From this new medium of delivering quality performance to unusual settings, her related programs have also taken flight.

In-Home Butterfly Play

In-Home Butterfly Play was created to be a nurturing and nourishing way to learn about the world. Each program is individually tailored, as we are all unique. And bringing the violin into the home means a more personal connection to the beauty and effectiveness of classical music for your child or adult. If you desire your child or adult to see, feel, and hear the sounds of a beautiful violin speaking directly to them, please Contact me. I’d love to hear from you, and I look forward to sharing my musical gifts with you and yours.

In-Home Butterfly Play is a way to bring very high quality playing and musicianship into your home. Think of it as a little private concert. If you are familiar with the TV series “Little Einstein”, all that music that your child hears and loves on the show, I can play for him, or her! As a performance specialist, my level of playing IS therapy. The expressions I can produce affect people deeply. Those with special needs are very drawn to the tone and strong rhythmic projection of my playing, and they react, becoming vibrant and curious about the world around them.

Transitions and Violin

How is my program Transitions and Violin different from registered music therapy? The practice of the therapeutic musician is to use the intrinsic healing elements of beautiful, quality, live sound through passive listening, rather than engaging in required singing or other activities. The sonorities of the highly-skilled performance-oriented musician provides an environment conducive to the human healing process, a musical massage, if you will.

The Transitions and Violin program is an in-person private service I offer to you and your loved one. I will create a program based on discussion with the family to determine piece/song preferences of the client. The program will generally be 30 minutes of music of solo violin, tapping into memories and fostering a sustained time of repose and quiet. The vibrations and expressive voice of the violin bathe the client and can move those present through difficult times.