Violin for Wellness

Friends and Believers

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This page is dedicated to all the Friends, Sounding-Boards and Therapy Parents/Caregivers. You have stood by my side, put me up for the night, answered my many questions, believed in my concept, and helped bring Violin for Wellness and the Violin and Therapeutic Riding program to life. You immediately understood the symbiotic power collaboration between horse and live violin, and how powerful this pairing could be for those with disabilities. 

Eternal thanks for your expertise, your compassion, and your many hours helping develop my banner program Violin for Wellness:

My Clients, Parents, and Riders – thank you for giving my program wings!

Vi Roden – Super Mentor, Friend and Diviner, and definitely the winner in the category of Hours Racked Up, who can even sleep and simultaneously think about whom to call

Valley Therapeutic Riding Association, Julie Glanville-Matijiw, Siobhan McKenzie, Pippa Hodge, the Singbeils, Donna Pellerin and the volunteer board, for allowing the program in its earlier incarnation to even begin:

Masha Levene –  Graphic artist of the original 15MinutesLive jpg. Many thanks for your quick understanding of my needs and wonderful whimsical portrayal of the light and sunniness that is embodied in my work:

Michelle Koebke Videographer and photographer. Thank you for your incredible publicity photos, touching Valley seasonal photos, and the brilliant Demo Day video shoot and editing at Diamond’s Edge Photography

Sari Vaananen – Photographer and videographer, author of Greek Interviews. Thank you for your willingness to drive out, even for a few minutes, to document spontaneous interviews at Valley:

Andrea Krueger – Preliminary-Study Assistant, Graduate Studies in Physical Therapy. Thank you for saying “listening to music!” so I could extrapolate audio data from the recording, and for your cheerful patience, and help.

Victor Solo – “Presentation” Videographer for Univ Women’s Club, West Van. Thank you for your terrific work and for sharing your PromoVision partner with me!!

Tiffany Picard – “First pass” website developer, thank you for your expertise and detailed work.

Alex Kolosov – Videographer for baseline/outcomes study: work in progress “eh?” and Present website developer, thank you for taking on this huge production task!

Greg Dixon – Videographer, Sound engineer, Scripter, Editor, and Cheerleader. Thanks for your non-regular hours!!

And to a fraction of the hundreds with whom I’ve shared and continue to share my dream: Arts Management Faculty at University of Massachusetts; Parents and Caregivers Galore through Videos and Support; Ruth Tschannen and Patricia Smith, from The Cascadia Society for Social Working, North Vancouver; Music Therapist Esther Thane; Riding Instructor Christina Stephenson; Jacqueline Smith and Samantha Teeters: Speech and Physical Therapy Graduates; MLA Liberal Ralph Sultan West Vancouver-Capilano; Mark Sager, West Vancouver; Physiotherapists Atha and Kleopatra: our Greek Connection; Pacific Riding Disabilities Association, Langley; Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, Duncan, B.C.; Sandra Stushnoff, Sunshine Coast,TROTS, Sunshine Coast B.C; my crucial colleagues in music circles; parents of violin students; and my family, ad naseum, I’m sure.

Thank you for your compassion and empathy towards the purpose of Violin for Wellness™ (formerly 15MinutesLive).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]