Violin for Wellness


Violin For Wellness


My name is Carolyn Canfield. I am an accomplished symphony violinist, taking my experiences outside of the symphony hall into very unusual settings.
All musicians, and others in the therapeutic realm, know music is healing, that it can develop and release the mind, spirit, and body. Every day, science upholds this instinctive knowledge.
Many people also know the horse has powerful healing properties as a quiet, respectful, sentient being that understands the weak and young. Science recognizes the strength of using the equine animal for therapy, a prescribed treatment by the medical community for many diagnoses.
What’s the connection? I’ve recognized that the live violin voice has healing properties which are especially potent in the setting of the therapeutic riding arena for disabilities. I have discovered that, not only is the pairing of therapy horse and violin very natural for connecting with disabilities, but the vibrations and colors of the violin seem to touch a client’s core, magically transforming the individual. Proof of concept is in the excitement showing on the faces of parents and the therapeutic team after a session. Proof is also in the outcomes for the clients themselves, some long-lasting.

Violin for Wellness: Components

Combining science with music is absolutely inspiring. I am opening doors to learning. This is the essence of Violin for Wellness, of which there are three components:

Violin and Therapeutic Riding

In-Home Butterfly Play

Transitions and Violin

The Violin and Therapeutic Riding program is the founding program of Violin for Wellness, and it was in the riding arena for disabilities that my passion for adding the violin to their therapeutic process was born. I play my violin in collaboration with physiotherapists and riding instructors by creating games, sounds, melodies, and rhythms. This range of musical tools triggers vocalization, stabilizes core emotions, works on balance and strength, flexibility, focus, social development, and problem solving.

In Action!

Your Support Creates Wellness

For Foundations

Violin for Wellness and the Violin and Therapeutic Riding program is a non-conventional learning model with therapeutic intention and provides an environment for all to experience positive energy and transformation. If you are a foundation or service organization, please Contact Me to see how you can be involved in this ground-breaking work. It is a rewarding time for everyone. Preliminary Study and Conversations.

For Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors and Donors are invited to see the compassionate Violin and Therapeutic Riding , Hippotherapy work in action. Please Contact Me for a personal invitation to witness this program in action. Or you may email me at

Preliminary Study

See Testimonials and Hippotherapy and Preliminary Study for more information.


The Violin and Therapeutic Riding program is full of discoveries that Students, Professionals, and Support Organizations alike will enjoy. Contact Me, Carolyn Canfield, to set up a presentation.

Thank You

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you. Together let’s broaden the reach of the arts in our communities.