Director Carolyn Cole

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Carolyn_Cole_MichelleDohertyPhotography05Carolyn Canfield Cole, Founder and Director

In an unusual deviation from her years as a career symphony violinist and chamber musician performer, Carolyn recently earned a Core Certificate in Arts Management through the Arts Extension Service from the University of Massachusetts. This period of immersion served to underscore the importance of forging an alliance of arts and health into all communities, and into any setting.

Further qualifications include:

  • Core Orchestra Member of Vancouver Opera
  • Educator, Strings Coach and Festival Adjudicator
  • Project Collaborator: Youth at-risk, Refugee Sponsorship; Disabilities and Diverse Cultures Concert Collaborations
  • 25 year career as a first violinist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, University of Washington
  • Performance Diploma, Hochschule Cologne, Germany
  • Baroque Studies, University of Toronto and Irsee, Germany

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Carolyn’s program Violin for Therapeutic Riding is the foundation for her Violin for Wellness™ program. This component specializes in bringing the violin voice into the therapeutic riding arena. As an added therapy tool, it brings to this community a powerful medium to enhance treatment systems.

The last decade has been an illuminating journey for Carolyn, from co-producing an orchestral concert with a local disabilities community and their stunning bell choir, to weekly volunteering at a horse rescue ranch and then on to a new setting, the therapeutic riding arena, as a sidewalker/leader volunteer. This is the backdrop to the creation of Violin for Wellness™ and the beginning of Carolyn’s partnership with physiotherapist and hippotherapy clinical specialist, Pippa Hodge. From this new medium of delivering quality performance to unusual settings, her related programs have also taken flight.

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Spring 2014 was extraordinarily beautiful at the facility in Langley. The center sits on a perfect piece of rural property, with the classic quaint barn and expansive fields, dotted with horses. Therapy horses are prized beyond words at a facility that works with disabilities and others with needs.
Carolyn had thoroughly enjoyed her volunteer work here and had learned more than she could imagine possible. But the life-changing journey was just beginning.
In March 2014, Carolyn came into Noah’s world – Noah, severely handicapped with cerebral palsy and a tube in his stomach so he can eat. Noah was Carolyn’s catalyst for 15MinutesLive, now Violin for Wellness™……

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