The Beauty of Music 1

How we use music to mirror or affect our emotional state can differ from person to person. When music is needed for release, it is there for us, from the dark oceans of Bartok String Quartets, the acidity of Shostakovich, to the wild head-banging of metal music. Others may chose to submerge into a soundscape and float their way to a state of nothingness.

The release or energizing power of music works in the therapeutic riding arena as well. The emotive capability of the violin voice fires vibrations instantly to the brain center of the client, sometimes with simple and direct bursts of melody to trigger cause and effect understanding, sometimes a song to reward. A rhythmic two-beat pattern of a walking tempo boureé or folk tune can also affect the horse, who will respond with greater impulsion, which translates to more activity to whomever is in the saddle or on the pad.

These minutes of sound build the treatment bubble and act as a gateway for the instructor or therapist.  New responses can mean a possible journey to physical and/or neurological development, and ultimately, independence.