The Arts and Social Working

The most effective and meaningful forum for developing an appreciation for the arts and for self is through a program started by Rudolf Steiner in Germany in the 1960’s. We know of it by the name of Waldorf, an education system that honors the individuality of each child.

His vision was one of generosity, equanimity and tolerance, with no divisions between those labeled handicapped and those labeled normal.

Today, we strive to understand the abilities of the disabled through community involvement. If one wishes to experience an unfamiliar world, visit a community center that focuses on health for the disabled. My introduction to this community occurred upon hearing a concert. I’d attended to hear musical colleagues that were collaborating in the concert but little did I know how stunned I would be by the experience. Born from my enlightened moment was a beautiful co-production I created with the directors in 2009.

I feel all my work to date is a result of my attending that concert so long ago. I continue to learn from this community, supporting their efforts and shining a light on their amazing abilities. Sometimes I think they are more whole than I am, which is wonderfully humbling and grounding.